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The talent industry is definitely exciting! To feel glamorous and to see your photos published or be on a movie set is a dream come true. My family and I have been able to travel out of the country, learn to swing from a trapeze, swim with dolphins, hold a flamingo, be on a film set with celebrities… and get paid for it!


Turner Talent strives to help people learn to enjoy the talent business, whether it is modeling or acting!  This business can be lots of fun, great money and interesting work, but before having someone get started there are some important facts to go over to make sure you know “what you are getting into!”

SIGN UP to attend a FREE INFO SESSION if you still have questions! EMAIL TURNER TALENT for times/dates. If you live a distance, request a phone call. (SKYPE and Phone Coaching also available!)

OR….ARE YOU READY TO GET STARTED?! Then SIGN UP for COMPLETE TRAINING & SET UP for the Talent Industry. I call this COMPLETE because it is a tried & true (See What Our Clients Say!). Step by step guidance to set you up for success!


  • Introduction to the Talent Industry AND the Talent Market in Florida!
  • How does all this work? Modeling? Acting?
  • What are the Pros & Cons, Scams & Unnecessary Spending?
  • How to get in: with REPUTABLE Agents, Photography, Comp Cards!
  • Learn the Lingo: Industry Buzz Words you really need to know!
  • Auditions, Casting Directors & Casting Websites Explained!
  • Get the Inside Scoop for Where to Find “Extra” Work and Other Casting Opportunities!
  • ONGOING HELP for Questions, Audition preparation!
  • Documents to help keep your “books”!
  • A personal TDP…Talent Development Plan…and more!


For Turner Talent, NO JOB is TOO SMALL or TOO BIG! We CAST for Melbourne Florida’s “Spacecoast” & BEYOND; helping fill all production needs (Films *Print *TV* Music* Videos* PSA’s * Industrials)! Kelli is known for getting the job done…RIGHT!  With over 33 years of experience as a working talent, talent scout, production assistant, wrangler, production coordinator and casting director. Kelli has worked in various areas of print, commercial and film productions! Her personal resume includes print TV & film such as Miami Vice, Home Shopping Network, Lethal Weapon 3,  The Martial Arts Kid,  “Once Upon a Time in America”, “Navy Seals”, Pitbull & Keisha’s TIMBER” music video, commercials for Disney, Universal, Toyota, Superclub Resorts, Tracker Boats, Brighthouse, Florida Hospital, Samsung, Kennedy Space Center, Tony Little Fitness and more. We help piece together one or all aspects of your project!  Turner Talent keeps a network of all kinds of industry professionals!  LET US COORDINATE YOUR PROJECT FOR YOU!  Some of the services we handle 24/7 include:

  • Online, in Studio or on Location Castings.
  • Union, Non-Union or Real People Talent.
  • Talent Negotiations & Production Paperwork.
  • Location Scouting.
  • Production Assistants & Crew.
  • Hair & MUA.
  • Videographers, Photographers & Assists.
  • Equipment Rentals & Caterers.
  • Hotel/lodging, Car Rentals & Travel, & Residential Lodging.
  • Access to Actors, Models, Extras, Voice-Overs, Stunt Work…pretty much everything!

If you are a professional in the Talent Industry in any area, please CONTACT ME with regard to being included in our database or see the new contact form on this website!


Need help with public speaking, confidence, image and presentation? Let Kelli’s years in modeling, acting, sales, marketing and public speaking help you learn:

ETIQUETTE –  in many areas including social media, cellphone, dining, presentation!

CONFIDENCE – Posture, entering a room, proper introductions, listening skills, body language, leaving a great impression!

SKIN CARE AND FITNESS  With past experience as a fitness instructor and a lifelong love of healthy living, if Kelli was not a talent consultant, she would be your personal fitness trainer and life coach – let her share this expertise!

RUNWAY SKILLS – Even for those of us that are not high fashion “tall”, there can be opportunities, so learn to carry yourself well. You could be asked to do a fashion show, or audition for a trade show by “walking”.