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CASTING-provide modeling/acting opportunities 

COACHING-No need to figure it all out yourself. We are here every step of the way to make sure you are doing everything correctly

CONNECTIONS- Our years of experience in the industry have developed countless relationships with agencies, production studios, casting directors, filmmakers and MORE nationwide. 

Absolutely, we love to say hello and discuss your personal goals and questions! That is what the screening and consultation is all about! No sales pressure just find out answers and see how I can help!  Sign up for a screening consultation here: SCREENING & CONSULT

We are happy to meet with you first to go over any questions, but if you are READY to get going with the CCC membership just click here: Let’s Get Started!

Quite often it is difficult for new faces to get a REPUTABLE agent and present themselves correctly, so asking an agent a bunch of questions is not setting yourself up for the best success.  You want them to view you as a professional!  And avoid unscrupulous agents too!  Also just because you sign with an agent does not mean you will get enough opportunities -so since TT ‘s VIP casting service is not a conflict to agents, many of our VIPs use our casting site as well as an agent for more gigs.

Coaching through our exclusive email is the easiest way to keep a thread of what we are working on, and to also be able to send examples and information to help you. Our TT team and coaching expert Kelli’s response rate is quick!

NO, think of TT as a no contract non commissioned talent development coach and casting service. Agents work with you and should only make $ when you book a job and they get a %.

In our experience, as well as colleagues we ask, MANY are not legit or are not part of the ‘real folks working on a particular casting so it’s like throwing your name in a huge basket of entries.  TT gets jobs/castings from entities we KNOW, and we are personally submitting via your email each time. PERIOD. 

No! 🙂  TT does not take a $% of what you make off gigs. Some of the membership jobs that go through  an agent  will result in that agent taking 10-20% which is normal).  A lot of our jobs posted on the VIP do not go through an agent so there is no commission taken out.

Nope!  Most castings are booking off photos or cellphone videos these days so it makes it much easier for talent to work submitting from home.  And the coaching/connections part of our VIP is invaluable to steer you in the right direction!

Agents that SELL anything is usually a red flag. Costly showcases that say they will put you in front of agents. (This is really not a necessary path to get an agent)

Agents that find you on social media or reach out to you – that could happen however most managers/agents are busy booking their current roster and don’t operate that way.

Founder of Turner Talent, Talent Development Coach and Casting Director Kelli will meet with you one on one via ZOOM to personally go over the talent industry with you and what all to expect.

In this consult you can address any questions, advice, discuss goals, go over scenarios and just get a chance to meet and see where you fit in the modeling/acting world!  

Typical questions that get answered:

·         Is the talent industry really for me?

·         What is the process for starting my career?

·         What kind of money can I make?

·         How do I get an agent?

·         How do I get auditions?

·         Where do I have to go for castings?

·         How do I get head-shots?

·         Can I do this part-time?

·         What is talent training?

·         How do I find a reputable agent?

·         How do I avoid any industry scams?

·         Why do I need a talent development plan?

Along with MUCH MUCH more!

Since you will be on the receiving end of LOTS of facts and info about the world of acting and modeling as well as details about Turner Talent’s success rate with helping almost anyone get involved, then pretty much – JUST SHOW UP! 

You do not have to worry about what to wear or have questions prepared, although we welcome them!

If you are doing this for a child, it is great to say hi to little ones but the information is mainly for you so they do not “have to” be present.

Tweens and older certainly are encouraged to be present with you.

CCC Membership

IMMEDIATELY! And don’t worry- we won’t let you submit incorrectly. We handle getting your submission in timely for best chances to book the gig!

It varies of course. We have had people book right after signing up, before they have their professional photos done and we have had some slower starts which is usually due to slow responses and incorrect photos or not responding if we need more info. 

While there is a place for SO MANY in the different areas of acting and modeling, sometimes it just does not blend well for someone, here and there.  Mainly due to not submitting enough, not being prepared, not getting clear photos and not communicating timely are more of the reasons for someone NOT booking.   We know some talent will possibly not book AS MUCH as others and that can simply be due to a certain ‘ speciality regarding that individual . SUCH AS extremely tall, short, large, specially abled people with prosthetics, downs syndrome, in a wheelchair (we have had success with people all featuring those qualities) -but to be clear those unique features may not book as much as others.

While we see talent book by using clear candid photos, the goal for working with TT is to look professional so the sooner the better!  You do NOT need to spend a ton of $ on pro pics though!

So easy!  The website guides you right to your course topics that once you complete will allow you to have an understanding of the industry and have you ready to start submitting for castings! 

You have many answers at your fingertips however we included the coaching so that you can work on a talent development plan with us directly with a focus that is all about you, not generic!  We encourage using our program and the Turner Talent team rather than trying to muddle through figuring out things on your own.

The great thing about the talent industry is that you can manage your schedule, so it’s up to you how much time you want to devote to it!  Granted, the more you put in, usually the more you get out of it.  Since it’s a tough business to do full time, most people find it is only part time when you are getting started.  Our coaching can help with how to make it more full time if that is the goal.

Save $ by choosing annual however since you receive 3 months free and it auto renews in a year, it does not allow any partial refunds if you decide to stop using within the first year. Monthly members can pause or cancel anytime.

Billing starts for your first month or year! Let’s go!

While we would hate to see you go right when you are set up,  you would need to cancel your membership BEFORE your billing date.  Once the membership renews for monthly or annually we cannot issue a refund. Please be advised you lose access to the online course, communication with TTs coaching/development team and the casting page too!

Yes! You can pause or cancel your membership at anytime through your account page.