Not Sure If You’re Ready & Have Questions?

Want to break into the talent industry, but not sure where to start?  No Problem!  We understand the talent industry is exciting…. to feel glamorous and to see your photos published or be on a movie set is a dream come true.  But it can be confusing!  Where do you start??!!  At TT, our primary goal is to help people learn to enjoy the talent business, whether it is modeling or acting!  This business can be lots of fun, great money and interesting work, but before having someone get started there are some important facts to go over to make sure you know “what you are getting into!” And we know you have a lot of questions; like:  What kind of money can I make?  How do I get auditions? Where do I have to go for castings? How do I get head-shots? This Intro Screening Session will help you answer all those questions & more!

What Does the Intro Screening Session Cover?

Our Intro Screening Session address all of those “WHAT, HOW & WHEN” questions everybody has when starting out in the industry & gives you all the “Where Do I Start” information you need:


    • Do you want to understand the talent industry & how to get started?
    • Do you need help finding the right reputable agent?!
    • Would you like to be part of a team who follows a step by step program with PROVEN SUCCESS?
    • Would you like a better understanding how & if you fit in the Talent Industry? 

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