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Our Casting • Coaching • Connections (CCC) MEMBERSHIP has been needed in the industry for a long time & now it is available to you! Real castings that get you SUBMITTED, not downloaded into a huge stream of “maybes”.  We have the submission contacts and you are sent directly to the agent, casting director, film maker, production company or ad agency! Join Team Turner Talent to be among the VIPs who have the INSIDE SCOOP every day!

Casting Advantage Membership

For the seasoned professional who is already established in the talent industry, we offer the TT Casting Advantage Membership. We offer you the opportunity to benefit from our many years’ of experience & casting connections.  This membership is your one-stop source for daily castings & opportunities (beyond what your agent is providing). SELECT THIS PLAN IF YOU ARE TRAINED & EXPERIENCED IN THE INDUSTRY & LOOKING FOR MORE CASTING OPPORTUNITIES! 

CCC Membership: VIP Level

Becoming a Team Turner Talent VIP Member gives you immediate access to TT’s Connections across Florida and beyond! Our talent are becoming known for being “PROS” and doing it RIGHT! TT markets to producers & directors, ad agencies, production companies, agents, casting directors, film schools, industry events, fashion shows, trade shows & more! SELECT THIS PLAN FOR CONTINUED TRAINING, GUIDANCE & SUPPORT, and DAILY CASTING OPPORTUNITY ACCESS!  Join #TeamTurnerTalent TODAY!  

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