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Turner Talent strives to help people learn to enjoy the talent business, whether it is modeling or acting!  This business can be lots of fun, great money and interesting work, but before having someone get started there are some important facts to go over to make sure you know “what you are getting into!”

If you still have questions, SIGN UP for an INTRO/SCREENING SESSIONEMAIL TURNER TALENT for times/dates. If you live a distance, request a phone call. (SKYPE and Phone Coaching also available!)

OR….ARE YOU READY TO GET STARTED?! Then SIGN UP for COMPLETE TRAINING & SET UP for the Talent Industry. I call this COMPLETE because it is a tried & true (See What Our Clients Say!). Step by step guidance to set you up for success! Since we screen all new clients to make sure they fit in the industry, either photos or face to face meeting is required, as well as a review of our important checklist!

  • Introduction to the Talent Industry AND the Talent Market in Florida!
  • Learn how to Audition & work with other talent!
  • How does all this work? Modeling? Acting?
  • What are the Pros & Cons, Scams & Unnecessary Spending?
  • How to get in: with REPUTABLE Agents, Photography, Comp Cards!
  • Learn the Lingo: Industry Buzz Words you really need to know!
  • Auditions, Casting Directors & Casting Websites Explained!
  • Get the Inside Scoop for Where to Find “Extra” Work and Other Casting Opportunities!
  • ONGOING HELP for Questions, Audition preparation!
  • Documents to help keep your “books”!
  • A personal TDP – Talent Development Plan – and more!

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