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Our talent Screening & Consultation provides answers to all the questions everyone has when getting started in the talent industry.

A virtual 1-on-1 via ZOOM video conferencing with Turner Talent founder Kelli Turner.  Get an industry experts opinion of where you fit in the marketplace, what it’s really like and answers to many questions to help you decide what is best for you

At Turner Talent, our goal is to help people learn about the talent business and how to be successful whether it is modeling or acting. This business can be lots of fun, great money, and interesting work, but before having someone get started there are important facts to go over to make sure you understand the answers to questions like:

  • Is the talent industry really for me?
  • Am I too old, too short?
  • What is the process for starting my career?
  • What kind of money can I make?
  • How do I get auditions
  • Where do I have to go for castings?
  • How do I get head-shots?
  • Can I do this part-time?
  • What is talent training?
  • How do I find a reputable agent?
  • Why do I need a talent development plan?


                       Along with MUCH MUCH more!

In the Casting-Coaching-Connections program we break it all down for you with easy to follow online videos and resources that will help guide you in the right direction to be successful. You benefit from completing this program with CASTING opportunities, COACHING every step of the way & CONNECTIONS with the right people in the industry.

                     Say HELLO to our VIP membership! 

As a bonus, you’ll get 3 FREE months of access to our casting database that allows you to submit for more paid gigs from our network of clients.

In addition to ALL of this, Turner Talent is a community of other people just like you that strive to support one another and promote each other’s success and growth, especially when it comes to social media!

Our CCC program has proven again and again to take people to the NEXT LEVEL!

After the 3 FREE months with us as a VIP, you have the option to continue your membership at a monthly or discounted annual rate for ongoing access to everything Turner Talent has to offer!

  • Access to daily & weekly casting opportunities (print, TV, film, fashion, promotions, voice- over, AND MORE!).
  • Sourcing from hundreds of casting connections to submit you directly to the client, NOT a National dumping bin where your submissions get lost in the huge casting database.
  • Turner Talent’s personal network gains you access to insider projects and opportunities.
  • Castings that are not competitive with your agent, but a bonus to what they send!
  • Many jobs – no commission out!
  • Coaching prior to any casting – let your coach put you ahead of the pack!
  • Connections & recommendations! Not sure what to do next? No worries – you have a personal coach on retainer!
  • Safe passage planning to strategize yours steps to expand outside of Florida. Connecting you Nationwide!
  • Receive TT E-news with special industry updates, contests, first notifications of any TT sponsored workshops/events & more!