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With everything worth doing, there is a process for success. Over the many years in the talent industry, Turner Talent has honed our services to help people interested in modeling and acting to start off on the right foot, avoid the pitfalls and realize your potential in this profession. Our proven talent development process involves:

1. Talent “Getting into the Talent Industry” Video (free – see video link below)
2. Talent Screening (30-minute session – $25 – by appointment – in-person or by video chat)
3. Talent Training (2-hour, one-on-one, in-person session by appointment with follow-up modules and 3 months of talent coaching and castings for $295)
4. Talent Coaching/VIP Membership (ongoing coaching, casting calls/access, casting prep, member eNews and casting alerts – $16.99/month)


Watch our Video on Getting into the Talent Industry!
We understand the talent industry is exciting…to feel glamorous and to see your photos published or be on a movie set is a dream come true. But initially it can be confusing and many people have no idea what they are getting into. So we put together an informative video that you can view at your convenience. It covers:

• Information about Turner Talent
• Testimonials from TT Clients
• Personal considerations before getting into the industry 
• Types of talent being sought today
• Difference between an agent and talent coach
• “Glam Scams” to be wary of
• Your next step

The First Step is Easy – Watch this video.
Our Intro Screening Video will help you examine all of the factors to determine if professional modeling and acting is right for you as well as the services Turner Talent can provide to help you succeed. 

New Video Coming Soon!

Just complete and submit the accompanying form and a response will be emailed to you with instructions on your next step.

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Schedule your personal talent screening session! Remote screening available!
After viewing our Talent Industry 101 video, you will be ready to take the next step: a talent screening session. Our $25 talent screening session covers “WHAT, HOW & WHEN” questions everybody has when starting out in the industry & gives you all the “Where Do I Start” information you need.

Want a better understanding of how you might fit in the Talent Industry?
At Turner Talent, our goal is to help people learn about the talent business, enjoy it and be successful at it whether it is modeling or acting. This business can be lots of fun, great money, and interesting work, but before having someone get started there are important facts to go over to make sure you understand the answers to questions like:

  • Is the talent industry really for me?
  • What the process for starting my career?
  • What kind of money can I make?
  • How do I get auditions?
  • How do I prepare for auditions?
  • Where do I have to go for castings?
  • How do I get head-shots?
  • Can I model part-time?
  • What is the industry lingo?
  • What is talent training?
  • How do I find a reputable agent?
  • Why do I need a talent development plan?
  • How do I present myself professionally?

Take Step 2…schedule your talent screening.
Ready to really get started? Contact us at info@TurnerTalent.com to let us know whether you will be available in person or by Talky.io. We will respond to your date/time options and important information on how to prepare for your screening.

We prefer to conduct our talent screenings in person at our office on Florida’s Space Coast, just one hour east of our largest casting market, Orlando, Florida. Because our connections and clients are across the state of Florida, we also understand that sometimes video conferencing is necessary. 



    Schedule your personal talent development training
    PLUS your training comes with 3 months of castings and coaching!
    The Turner Talent Full Training & Set-up Program is an extensive program that covers the TT Step-by-Step Proven Success Process. The goal of this program is to teach you ‘ABOUT’ the business. For a one-time payment of $295 (extreme discounts for add’l family members and age 2 and under), you will receive face-to-face essential training & when we are done you will know: the industry Lingo & what to expect at every stage of the process; how to audition professionally; how to get an agent, guidance & recommendations on photos. You benefit from completing this program with CASTING Opportunities, COACHING every step of the way & CONNECTIONS with the RIGHT people in the Industry.

    If you can say YES to the following,
    YOU are READY for the TT Full Training Program & to Join Team Turner Talent:

    • I am interested in the business
    • I understand Turner Talent specializes for modeling/acting which can branch into voice overs, stunt work, production work and more!
    • I am ready to invest in my future whether full or part time!
    • I understand there is no regular hours or pay in the talent industry!
    • Although no guarantees, I am interested in this fun adventure, extra $ and unique work opportunities!

    Topics We Cover in the Full Training Program:

    • Auditions: How to Successfully Audition
    • Audition Safety
    • Representing Your Child or Yourself
    • How to Build Your Resume
    • Agents: How to Submit to an Agent, Agent Rejection & Agent Acceptance, Agency Contracts
    • Developing a Relationship with Your Agent
    • Getting “In”, Not “Lost” in the Agents Database
    • Casting Websites: the Good & Bad
    • Managers and Casting Directors Explained
    • Photographers: Comps Vs Head Shots and Making the Most of a Photo Session
    • Jobs: Booking a Job and gaining insights on set
    • What to Expect on Set and in Wardrobe

    Take the third step…schedule your talent development training.
    You’ve watched Talent Industry 101. You’ve been through your talent screening. Now you are ready to jump in feet first and prepare yourself for what lies ahead in the world of modeling and acting. To start developing your talent, call Kelli Turner at (321) 693-7038 or email her at info@TurnerTalent.com to schedule the 2-hour training session.


    Become a Member of the Turner Talent family!
    Why should you join #TeamTurnerTalent? As a TT VIP Member you have immediate access to TT’s Connections across Florida and beyond! To be part of our exclusive Membership Program team, you must become a member of Turner Talent. The TT membership fee is $16.99 which can be paid monthly or in an annual lump sum for 15% off the regular price ($172). One gig easily pays for the year!

    Each Additional Family Member only $10.99/person per month. 

    Benefits of VIP Memberships

    • Access & first submittal to daily & weekly casting opportunities (print, TV, film, fashion, promotions, voice- over, AND MORE!). We source from 300+ casting sources & submit directly to the source, NOT a dumping bin to a huge casting database.
    • Get the inside scoop on bonus opportunities in Florida and other regions/markets.
    • Castings that are not competitive with your agent, a bonus to what they send!
    • Many jobs – no commission out!
    • Coaching prior to any casting – let your coach put you ahead of the pack!
    • Connections & recommendations! Not sure what to do next? Have a casting that you don’t understand the lingo? Do you need an acting coach, photographer or demo reel? Industry questions? No worries – you have a personal coach on retainer!
    • Receive TT E news with special industry updates, contests, first notification of any TT sponsored workshops/events & more!

    Please contact us at (321) 693-7038 or info@TurnerTalent.com to become a member.

    Membership has its privileges!

    Our CASTING-COACHING-CONNECTIONS MEMBERSHIP is available for real castings that get you SUBMITTED, not downloaded into a huge stream of “maybes”. We have the submission contacts and you are sent directly to the agent, casting director, film maker, production company or ad agency.

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