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  • Access & first submittal to daily & weekly casting opportunities (print, TV, film, fashion, promotions, voice-over, AND MORE!).  We source from 300+ casting sources & submit directly to the source, NOT a dumping bin to a huge casting database.
  • Get the inside scoop on bonus opportunities in Florida and other regions/markets.
  • Castings that are not competitive with your agent, a bonus to what they send!
  • Many jobs – no commission out!
  • Coaching prior to any casting – let your coach put you ahead of the pack!
  • Connections & recommendations! Not sure what to do next? Have a casting that you don’t understand the lingo? Do you need an acting coach, photographer or demo reel? Industry questions? No worries – you have a personal coach on retainer!
  • Receive TT E-newsletter with special industry news & updates (Talent of the Month features, events, contests, 1st notification on any TT sponsored workshops).

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