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Why Turner Talent? Because we are different!  We don’t just send castings your way.  We actually get you submitted to the proper agent, production person, casting director or TV/Film maker!  NOT JUST castings…COACHING! (See what our CLIENTS SAY!)  We help you put your absolute best foot forward!  Along with reminders of what to do, what NOT to do; we provide coaching on little things that are not so “little” in our biz!  With Turner Talent, you have a personal talent COACH as your ammo to shine above the rest!  No matter what your experience level, we have the COACHING, SUPPORT, & TRAINING for you.  If you are new to the industry, we are the perfect launching pad!


Whether your are interested in a career (or just a fun hobby) in modeling or acting, TT Talent Development programs are just what you need to get you ready for the Talent Industry. There is a lot you need to know to present yourself as a professional, and TT programs will cover all of that (& more)!


Turner Talent is your Premiere CASTING source filling all of your production needs. Based in Melbourne, Florida’s “Spacecoast”, and serving all of Florida! Whatever your needs – Film, Print, TV, Music, Videos, PSA’s, & Industrials – we have well-trained & professional people for you!


This a the perfect program for any age (kids, teens, and adults) who would like to develop or improve their skills in public speaking, confidence, image and presentation! Tap into Kelli’s experience in modeling, acting, sales, marketing & public speaking and improve you “BRAND”!

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