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This VIP Level Membership will be billed $16.99 on a monthly basis. 

Benefits of the Membership VIP Level include:

  • Easy to follow COURSE topics
  • CASTING opportunities with immediate access
  • COACHING every step of the way
  • CONNECTIONS with the right people in the industry
  • Access to daily casting opportunities (print, TV, film, all types of modeling, voiceover, AND MORE!).
  • Our castings are sourced from hundreds of connections to submit you DIRECTLY to the client, NOT a national dumping bin where your submissions get lost in a huge casting database.
  • Have an agent?! Great! Turner Talent acts as a BONUS, (and does not take a commission!) adding our personal network to give you access to additional projects and opportunities.
  • Don’t have an agent? We can help prepare you for that all-important relationship and steer you toward your best agency match
  • Many jobs are not through agents, which means you pay out zero commission.
  • Coaching prior to any casting – let your coach put you ahead of the pack
  • Not sure what to do next? No worries – you have a personal TALENT coach on retainer.
  • Strategize your next steps! Work close to your current city or go to LA, Atlanta, NYC or abroad.
  • Receive TT E-news with special industry updates, contests, first notifications of any TT sponsored workshops/events & more