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As a Mother-Daughter team, with many years of experience in the talent industry we created Turner Talent to help people of ALL ages (yes, babies to 80’s) interested in modeling and acting to start off on the right foot, while avoiding the GLAM SCAMS and reaching their full potential SAFELY and PROFESSIONALLY.

We believe anyone can enjoy this industry without wasting gobs of money and time. That’s why we created a way for you to do this without wasting either.


⭐Model/Actress⭐Talent Development Expert⭐Casting Director⭐


Founder of Turner Talent, and helping talent every step of the way is my passion! 

I know the talent industry and the people in every aspect of it who make it happen. I know who to look for and who to trust, and answer questions so my clients don’t have to ‘google it’  #NoGlamScams

I started out in the talent industry when I was just 15, working as a model and actress. Then I learned the production side of the camera, the ‘behind the scenes’ that makes all the magic happen.

Over the years, I found myself sharing my knowledge and experience with many people interested in modeling and acting, for themselves and/or their children.

 My ‘aha’ moment happened in a Starbucks as I helped a friend navigate her questions about getting into tv, film and print work. Whether seeking a new career path or just a hobby, I realized there were so many people like her who didn’t know how to start or even that they needed to know who to trust.

I saw the need to bridge the gap for sound advice from someone who has already experienced the learning curve, made the connections, and knew the way around the business.

Thus, Turner Talent was born: the successful program developed to launch new careers, furthers individual goals and guides people around pitfalls and points them in the right direction.




⭐Model⭐All Things Operations⭐Content Creator⭐


A small beach town gal with a talent MOMager since 1994.

Growing up, I remember in between all the life events (sports, school, family & friends) that I was also being driven to countless modeling gigs, like Disney to shoot a commercial with one of my favorite actors at the time! And that was just one of the epic opportunities I had.

I was lucky to be able to jump right into the modeling world with my very own ‘How To’ guide. But not everyone has that…as I got older and moved to NYC (a talent industry mecca) that started to become very apparent.

That’s when I decided to change directions with my career and jump onboard with Turner Talent full-time and help take it to the next level.

Joining my mother to create an easier, less scary way for others to enjoy what this industry has to offer like I was able to!